Marina di Carrara waterfront: tender for scope 4 awarded. After submission of executive design, eighteen months for completion of work

The tender was awarded, according to the criterion of the economically most advantageous offer, to the company R.C.M. Costruzioni srl of Sarno (SA), which obtained the highest score with regard to technical aspects (78.14 points out of the 80 points available to the Selection Committee) and proposed a 10.01% discount on the basic tender amount of 11,523,211.67 euros.
The ritual verifications aimed at making the award effective and enabling the contract to be signed have already been initiated, after which the awarded company will have to develop the executive project of the works, on the basis of which the construction sites can start. The contractual deadline for completion of the works is set at 18 months. In view of the foreseeable concomitance with the summer season, the actual start date of the works will be agreed with the Municipality of Carrara and the Port Authority in order not to inconvenience summer beach activities.
In detail, the most significant intervention consists of the creation of a long path that will run above the breakwater’s breakwater wall and represent the most significant part of the entire Waterfront project, not only because of its size, 870 m long by 5 m wide, but especially because of its panoramic aspect, with its views of the open sea and the harbor and the backdrop of the Apuan Alps. Also planned is the redevelopment of the onshore area at the root of the breakwater pier and the creation of a new seaside plaza at the pier elbow. The onshore areas will be enhanced by paths made of dunes with native vegetation, cliffs, and gentle slopes. To promote the panoramic nature of the path, “transparent” steel railings and ground-level lighting are also planned. The economic investment for the implementation of the project, amounts to €. 13,870,000, of which €. 8,576,000 is guaranteed by the PNRR – Supplementary Fund (DL 59/2021) and €. 5,294,000 by the Tuscany Region.
The procedure is being carried out in compliance with the indicated timeframe and the commitments made by the Port System Authority when the final project was publicly presented in July 2021, as well as with the binding deadlines established for the works to be carried out in the ports that are financed by the PNRR Supplementary Fund, such as the interventions in question and Lots 1 and 2 of the Marina di Carrara Waterfront redevelopment works, the latter currently in the executive design phase.

“AdSP President Mario Sommariva and Secretary General Francesco Di Sarcina emphasize the historic importance of this milestone, which concretely initiates a project long desired by all Carrara citizens and strongly desired by the municipal administration.”