Marina di Carrara waterfront: it’s on.

Walks, jogging, relaxation and waterfront recreation. Lot 4 of the Marina di Carrara Waterfront project, the Tuscan town’s new seafront promenade, was unveiled during a press conference held this morning, attended by Francesco Di Sarcina, secretary general of AdSP Mar Ligure Orientale; Francesco De Pasquale, Mayor of Carrara; Commander in II of the Marina di Carrara Harbour Master’s Office, Paolo Margadonna; Andrea Ratti, Councillor of the Municipality of Carrara; Luigi Bosi, Director of the AdSP Headquarters in Marina di Carrara; and Mirko Leonardi manager of the AdSP’s Technical Sector .

The long path, which will run above the breakwater wall of the outer breakwater, represents the most significant part of the entire Waterfront project, not only for its size, 870 m long by 5 m wide, but especially for its panoramic aspect, with its views of the open sea and the harbor and the backdrop of the Apuan Alps. The economic investment for the realization of the project, amounts to €. 13,870,000, of which €. 8,576,000 is guaranteed by the PNRR – Supplementary Fund (DL 59/2021) and €. 5,294,000 by the Tuscany Region.

For the citizens of the surrounding area, it is the realization of a dream that has been cradled for years and is now a reality thanks to the efforts of the various presidents of the Authority since 2001. The final push, by current AdSP head Mario Sommariva, underscores the current presidency’s interest in bringing the port ever closer to the city.

“By 2024 the work, which is very important and symbolic,” will be tested and finished. It has been a long process, which is part of a larger one, the one concerning the entire waterfront, which will eventually inject more than 50 million euros in all into the economic circuit of Marina di Carrara. A real injection of resources not only for the maritime sector, but also for an induced activity made up of construction, maintenance, etc…We will award the works through an integrated tender, only related to the execution of the works. The awarding of the tender will take place after the summer,” Di Sarcina said.

As Luigi Bosi pointed out, Lot 4 has always been highly desired. It is everyone’s satisfaction to be able to offer the city this work” .

Leonardi, RUP of the project after Domenico Ciavarella, both of whom were thanked by the Secretary General as well as Headquarters Director Luigi Bosi for their efforts over the years, described the project from a technical point of view.

“From a precarious situation we arrive at a very beautiful project, with a decisive functional and landscape redevelopment of the beach area at the root of the pier. Also from the point of view of safety, a new chapter opens. There will be three key nodes; an area ashore; a new plaza on the sea at the elbow of the breakwater pier; and a new, large terrace on the sea at the head of the breakwater. All three points will be connected by paths made of dunes with native vegetation, cliffs, and gentle slopes. To promote the panoramic nature of the path, “transparent” steel railings and ground-level lighting are also planned.”

This is the timeline: Tender process and contracting,Jul – Dec 2021; Drafting/verification/approval Executive Project, Jan – Apr 2022; Work execution May 2022 – Nov 2023;Testing and start of operation, Nov 2023 – May 2024.

Today we write a new history – said Mayor De Pasquale. We concretely begin the path to realize a dream of the community, an indispensable promenade for all the people of Carrara and the breathtaking view from the sea over the mountains, which can only be enjoyed from the breakwater. It has been a very long wait, but for this very reason I am sure that the intervention will be received with great enthusiasm. This is definitely the most “urban” lot of the waterfront, the one that citizens will enjoy most in their moments of leisure and relaxation, and it is important that this great work starts right here. The port, as a whole, is experiencing a revitalization phase: we are trying to trigger the same mechanism on the city. Lot 4 is a kind of trait d’union between the port of call and the city, and I am really happy that today the operational phase begins.”

“Speaking as a citizen, rather than as an authority, I am sure that the project will return to the citizenry a work of great architectural and multifunctional value,” said Commander in II of the Marina di Carrara Port Authority, Paolo Margadonna. “To be considered, above all, the added value it will bring to the port not only as a commercial work, but as an enhancement of the port area, in relation to future developments planned by the P.R.P. System Authority.