Marina di Carrara waterfront: work delivery for scope 4.

New works ready in 18 months: new promenade, a seaside plaza and transparent parapets. The mayor: “Today we start building the Marina of tomorrow.” Sommariva: “The planned works, which are considered strategic and therefore worthy of receiving funding under the NRP, aim to mend the relationship between the port and the city.”

Two days ago the works for the redevelopment of the Marina di Carrara Waterfront – Area 4, consisting of interventions for the protected usability of the seafront promenade at the western pier, were handed over to the company R.C.M. Costruzioni S.r.l. of Sarno (SA), which won the tender, according to the criterion of the most economically advantageous offer.

This morning, the presentation of the project during a press conference attended by Dr. Mario Sommariva, AdSP President; Ing. Federica Montaresi, ADSP Secretary General; Dr. Elena Guadagni, Councillor for Public Works, Municipality of Carrara; Dr. Moreno Lorenzini, Councillor for Special Projects, Municipality of Carrara; Dr. Carlo Orlandi, Councillor for Economic Development, Municipality of Carrara; Dr. Luca Perfetti, Director of AdSP Marina di Carrara office; and Ing. Mirko Leonardi Manager of AdSP Technical Area;

In detail, the most significant intervention consists in the creation of a long path that will be developed above the breakwater’s breakwater wall and that represents the most significant part of the entire Waterfront project, not only for its size, 870 m long by 5 m wide, but especially for its panoramic aspect, with its views of the open sea and the harbor and with the backdrop of the Apuan Alps. Also planned is the redevelopment of the onshore area at the root of the breakwater pier and the creation of a new seaside plaza at the pier elbow. The onshore areas will be enhanced by paths made of dunes with native vegetation, cliffs, and gentle slopes. To promote the panoramic nature of the path, “transparent” steel railings and ground-level lighting are also planned. The economic investment for the realization of the project, amounts to €. 13,870,000 of which €. 1,574,000 is guaranteed by the PNC – Supplementary Fund to the PNRR (DL 59/2021).

The contractual deadline for completion of the works is set at 18 months. The works will be carried out in a way that will not disrupt summer beach activities.

President Sommariva: “The waterfront of Marina di Carrara represents the connecting strip between the sea, the port and the city. The planned works, which are considered strategic and therefore worthy of receiving the funding provided by the PNRR, have precisely the purpose of mending the relationship between the port and the city, allowing citizens as well as tourists and cruise passengers to enjoy a unique work. I emphasize how not only the infrastructures envisaged by Area 4, but also those concerning Areas 1 and 2 were included in the Complementary Plan. This consideration gave strength to the procedure that allowed us to unlock this long-awaited work. There will soon be the possibility to consult a special site, dedicated to the sea promenade, where the citizenship will be able to follow the progress of the work step by step.”

“Today we begin to build the Marina of tomorrow. With the delivery of these works, we are not only starting with a project that has been awaited for years, but we are also giving a strong signal in the direction of what kind of city we imagine for the future,” said the Mayor of Carrara, Serena Arrighi. “The waterfront as a whole will be a work that will contribute to clearly redesigning a large part of our coastline, making it more beautiful and more functional both to the needs of the territory and the port itself. Of the various lots of this great project, however, the one that starts today is surely the one that will have the best impact on the citizenship since we are going not only to redevelop an area that is already much loved and frequented, but also to realize something that has always been in the desires of all the people of Carrara: a footbridge almost a kilometer long suspended between the blue of the sea and the green of the Apuan Alps that, I am sure, will become a real attraction. Now that the machine has been set in motion, as is normal, we are expecting several months of inconvenience due to the construction sites and the necessary closure of the current promenade, but this is a necessary sacrifice that will surely be repaid when the work is completed. In the meantime, on the part of the administration, I can as of now guarantee maximum commitment in making sure that all deadlines are met and in finding alternative solutions to ensure that even in these months a place where Carrarans and tourists can stroll.”

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