Marina che cambia.

Scope 1

A new road system to the west of the port

The first project area is developed at the intersection of: Viale Da Verazzano, Viale Zaccagna, and Via delle Pinete. In this area, the road system will be upgraded both from a geometric and functional point of view in order to improve the transport capacity. The new traffic circles, the new port access bridge, the relocation of the railway line, and the realizations of the groin parallel to the City of Massa square to improve the outflow of the Carrione stream will be built in this area.

Project in executive phase

The total amount of the economic framework for scope 1 and 2 is a total of 27,800,000

  • The Region of Tuscany in the amount of 7,443,447
  • Ministry of Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility in the amount of 8,200,000
  • European Community in the amount of 2,262,553
  • PNRR Supplementary Fund in the amount of 1,594,000
  • AdsP Eastern Ligurian Sea in the amount of 8,300,000


The contract for the redevelopment of areas 1 and 2 of the Marina di Carrara waterfront was awarded to the grouping of companies composed of Società Edilizia Tirrena SET SpA – Agnese Costruzioni SpA – Varia Costruzioni SpA – Cav. Emilio Giovetti Srl. The contract was signed on 3/16/2023, and from that date a series of technical meetings aimed at defining the details of the succession of construction phases and their impacts on the surrounding environment began.

On 25/5/2023, the partial handover of the works is scheduled to allow the grouping of companies to carry out a series of preliminary and preparatory activities to the actual execution of the works, Specifically, through the handover in question, the contractor will be able to perform the planned activities of searching for possible war devices in the sites, on land and at sea, of execution of the works, will be able to carry out detailed surveys of the areas and additional investigations on the interfering sub-services, aimed at the better organization of the construction site and the succession of the phases of work, and finally will carry out the ante operam environmental investigation campaign. The described activities will occupy the summer months with the aim of starting construction of the works from late summer 2023.



Content will be updated as work progresses.

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